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Welcome to Sandy Wijaya’s Blog!

It has been a while since I have quit blogging, several years ago I was actively writing and sharing in the weblog named KoeliTinta (KT), although the .com domain has expired, but KT remains accessible. To lighten up the spirit of writing and sharing, I decided to create a whole new web gallery of photographs including the blog with more specific contents on Photography, Travelogue, Intermezzo and other posts which deemed interesting and useful. I gave total make-over to the layout which is simpler and of course I applied elegant yet soothing color scheme of the blog for your reading convenience.

Starting with this post I will update the blog regularly and hopefully I could be consistent about it. Thanks to the advancement of mobile blogging technology which make us the blogger more convenience in writing and publishing the works. For your information, some of the old best articles in the Koelitinta which have more than 30.000 hits will be re-blog here, please do not get bored of that old articles. 🙂

All right then… Hope you enjoy with my new blog.


Sandy Wijaya

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